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  • How to downgrade – tutorial

    How to downgrade – tutorial

    Below instructions show how to downgrade your Compact Gen5 infotainment system (CAVNEU_K) from version 211027 to 210111. If you choose to follow these steps, you’re doing it at your own risk. I’m not responsible for any damage that may happen. Perform all tasks with your engine on. I can confirm that after the downgrade I’m no longer having the "---" speed limit issue.

    What you need:

    App Manager 2.0.6 or newer
    IoniqRoot 0.6 or newer
    Easy Fire Tools 1.1.5 or newer modified file
    7-Zip 21.06 or newer

    Upgrade file and map files for previous software version – in this case:

    + KIA Software 2021 - EUR.SOP.010.6.210111

    Um den Inhalt sehen zu können musst du dich einloggen oder [url=]registrieren[/url].

    Factory Reset (optional but recommended)

    1. On your head unit go to All Menus > Settings > General
    2. Remember your software version – in this case 211027
    3. On the left scroll down and go to Default tab
    4. Imagine there’s a 4x3 keypad where "Initialise the system settings" statement is (between the top bar, the Default button at the bottom and the tabs on the left)
    5. Type your software version on this keyboard – new window should appear
    - If the window did not appear go Back, enter the General settings again and try once more
    6. Now you need to enter 8-digit code which consists of current time (24h format) and last 4-digits of your software version and hit Send
    7. You’re now in Engineering Mode – just scroll down, choose Factory Reset and hit Send

    Enable ADB

    1. Remove your SD card from your head unit and insert it into your computer
    2. Go to BIN > G40
    3. Create a copy of G40 file and rename it to
    4. Right-click on the original G40 file and go to 7-Zip > Open archive
    5. Drag and drop the modified file into the archive to replace the original one
    6. Close 7-Zip
    7. Open Navi_Version.txt file from BIN > G40 and increment the Navi version by +1 from STD5.HMC.KMC.211108.c22f9b6 to STD5.HMC.KMC.211109.c22f9b6
    8. Remove the SD card from your computer and put it back into your head unit
    9. Head unit will restart and another Engineering Mode will appear
    10. Choose ADB Connect Type and click on Ethernet
    11. Go back, hit Home icon in the top left corner, remove the SD card for your head unit and insert it into your computer once again
    12. Go to BIN > G40
    13. Remove the modified G40 file and rename the copy you’ve done previously from back to G40
    14. Open Navi_Version.txt file and increment the Navi version by +1 once again from STD5.HMC.KMC.211109.c22f9b6 to STD5.HMC.KMC.211110.c22f9b6
    15. You can now remove the SD card from your computer and put it back into your head unit
    16. Head unit will restart and everything will work as before

    Enable downgrade

    1. Download and install Easy Fire Tools app on your phone
    2. Download App Manager and IoniqRoot apk files on your phone (do not install)
    3. Enable Mobile Hotspot on your smartphone
    4. On your head unit go to All Menus > Settings > Data/Network and make sure it’s connected to the Wi-Fi network shared by your smartphone
    5. On your phone long-press the Mobile Hotspot icon and check what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network
    6. Click on the device name to see what’s the IP address of your head unit
    - If you don’t see this information there are some apps on Google Play Store that might help you to identify the IP address of your head unit – e.g. Hotspot Manager
    7. Now open Easy Fire Tools app on your phone, go to main menu in the top left corner and hit Settings
    8. In the Connection settings area under IP address, enter the IP address of your head unit
    9. Go back and click on the two plugs icon in the top right corner to connect to your head unit
    10. Once you’re successfully connected, go to Custom APK File and hit Select file button
    11. First choose App Manager apk file, hit Install button and confirm that it should be sideloaded
    12. Once the installation is finished follow the same steps to sideload IoniqRoot app
    13. When both apps are installed successfully on your head unit long-press the Settings button on your head unit to launch App Manager
    - Sometimes it may take several attempts to launch the App Manager for the first time
    - If you’re having troubles try short-pressing the Settings button followed by long-press
    - Or turn-off your car and try after couple minutes / or do the soft reset of your head unit with the small button near your volume knob
    14. Once App Manager is launched you can see all apps installed on your head unit
    15. Scroll down to find IoniqRoot app, click on it and press Launch to start it
    16. Accept the disclaimer and click on Go to engineer upgrade activity
    17. Once you’re in Upgrade menu, switch Downgrade Enable from Off to On
    18. Go back, hit Home icon in the top left corner
    19. On your phone open the Easy Fire Tools app once again
    20. Make sure you’re still connected to your head unit and go to main menu > File Manager
    21. Switch to Uninstall tab and click on IoniqRoot app (
    22. Confirm you want to remove the IoniqRoot package
    23. You can now disconnect from your head unit

    Downgrade process

    1. Remove your SD card from your head unit and insert it into your computer
    2. Delete all the files that are on the SD card or format the SD card (FAT32)
    - You might want to do the back-up of the files just in case
    3. Copy the upgrade file and map files for the previous software version (in my case 210111) to the SD card
    4. Insert the SD card into your head unit
    5. Head unit will restart and you will see the following message: "Navigation initialization failed. Please check the SD card and try again."
    6. Go to All Menus > Settings > General, hit the Update button and confirm you want to continue updating
    7. The update (or should I say downgrade) will start – it should take about 20-30 minutes
    8. Remember to keep your engine on so the head unit does not turn off during the update
    9. Once the downgrade is finished, head unit will restart for the last time
    10. You might have some issues with the Navigation starting – is so go to Engineering Mode either by launching it from App Manager or entering your software version on the Settings > General > Default screen as shown before and perform the Factory Reset
    11. You should now be able to enjoy your downgraded head unit
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